How about turning leadership alignment into an impressive $80 million jackpot?

That’s exactly what happened when we dove into a business process makeover with a group of seven exceptional execs from a global company’s North American business unit. Picture this: each one super capable in their own domain but as independent as prairie silos. The challenge? Getting them to pull together.

Enter our secret sauce: the Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy. We got everyone nodding in agreement on the game plan. Next, we mapped out who does what in the grand scheme of change.

But here’s where we spiced things up: we turned those collaboration sessions into something straight out of a team-building retreat. Yes, getting leaders to march to the same beat can actually be a blast!

Sure, it was no cakewalk. There were many potholes and speed bumps. However, we hit the jackpot with a bold sponsor who wasn’t afraid to lead the charge.

Was the effort worth it? The numbers shout a resounding “Yes!”

The goal was a stretch $100 million in savings. What we got was an eye-catching $180 million back in the books, without bidding farewell to a single job. And talk about efficiency – we wrapped up the program four months ahead of schedule, in just 14 months.

And if that’s not enough to be proud of, the executive sponsor thanked us publicly, hailing our OCM approach as a key player in the success story. They even put our name forward for a prestigious global award.

So, next time you hear “Our leaders are too swamped,” remember this tale. Skipping the teamwork could cost you, big time.

Feeling inspired? Spread the joy to your circle, your partners, anyone you’re cheering for. Let’s celebrate the wins together!


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