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Hints & Tips
Plan for Success First-Then Plan Your Strategy

Plan for Success First-Then Plan Your Strategy

Before you start planning your strategy (or project ), you have to do one very important step first: identify what the success criteria are going to be. Unfortunately many people skip this step. And that is a mistake -...

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How “Together” is Your Management Team?

How “Together” is Your Management Team?

If your management team were a professional sports team, how good would it be? How well would everyone work together? How united would they be to achieve your strategy? If your team were a soccer/football team, how...

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Welcome to our interactive section. This section is for you if you are a project manager leading a smaller project where you may want to “do change management yourself”. Alternatively, you may already know something about change management and consequently may only need a few tips and tools. Whatever your situation, this section is for you if you want to manage these activities yourself instead of having to rely on external resources.

Our objective is to de-mystify change management and give you access to materials that we ourselves would use. Ultimately we hope this space will become your virtual ‘sandbox’ to experiment in.

These materials are based on years of corporate consulting practice. Because we will be building and adding new materials here on an ongoing basis you may want to sign up to our blog posts where we will notify you of any updates.

As always, we welcome your suggestions on what you would like to see here. Feel free to contact us anytime with your comments or suggestions.

Go ahead: explore what’s here!

Finally, if you feel you still need some guidance and support, we are always here to for you. Just contact us – let’s talk.


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