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When you need a Partner for your Transformation, we’re here for you.
Hadas Partners is a boutique consultancy based in Canada, focusing on all aspects of Business Transformation and Organizational Change Management (OCM).

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Every now and then an organization reaches a point where survival or continued growth require more than incremental improvements

A business transformation is needed, something that requires significant investment in one of the following:

  • Realigning the business model
  • Implementing new technology such as an ERP system
  • Rolling out a new business strategy (one that could be reflective of the current pandemic business environment)

These are just some examples, and there are more.

The return on these investments (ROI) hinges on people adopting and sustaining the changes. If you are someone in a leadership role of one of these programs, you will understand this inherently. This is especially true if you have gone through a major change before and felt some pain related to poor adoption and execution.

If you are one of the leaders on a change program, this web site has been designed for you.

You may be a:

  • Senior executive sponsoring the project
  • Director or manager of a business group directly impacted
  • HR manager responsible for the organizational change strategy and execution
  • Finance leader responsible for tracking the budget and ROI
  • Project Manager responsible for successfully implementing the project
  • Communication or Training Lead on a change project

Because we have a reputation for business focus and execution, you will find materials here that are brief, practical and immediately usable.

We welcome you to take advantage of what this website has to offer.
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Finally, whatever you choose to do, we wish you well in your initiative and personal success in your change leadership journey.

Everything You Need to Reach the Next Level

When you need a Partner for your Transformation, we’re here for you.