The Growth Toolkit

The business opportunity… a Growth Toolkit

The reason your clients hire you is because they want you to solve their business growth problems. And today that need is more acute than ever – which presents a big opportunity.

However, we have learned after 30 years of working with your clients, that they are frustrated with many of the service providers and vendors. Here is what they have told us about what they see as the disconnect – service providers and vendors tend to:

  • Focus on promoting their own agenda rather than on their clients’ challenges and opportunities
  • Make it challenging to do business with them due to their own internal silos
  • Talk a good talk about adding value, collaborating and being consultative, but their actions do not match their words
  • Use tired and inflexible practices rather than tuning their approach to a client’s evolving needs
  • Limit interactions to business development specialists rather than broadening the relationships to include senior leaders and subject matter specialists

Your organization can be one of the ones that your clients are happy to talk to. Our Growth Toolkit will help you: energize and align your executives and sales professionals; get further ahead with your client decision makers; and, establish a more client-centered culture.

Where there’s energy, there’s growth

True professionals love to solve problems using their specialized skills. Being able to do that drives them. Being valued by their clients energizes them. Our Growth Toolkit helps them do both. It contains practical guidance on:

  • Identifying and defining problems and opportunities built on a collaborative approach that includes client-facing professionals, senior management and members of the client team
  • Engaging with the client on solution formulation that leads to being perceived as a valuable problem solver
  • Complementing your expertise and certifications with capabilities that deepen relationships such as selfless listening to and influencing
  • Finding solutions based on client wants and needs which leads to results that the client is motivated to realize

What client decision makers want

To get further ahead with your decision makers you have to give them what they want. And after 30 years of working with them, decision makers have told us what they want.

  • Clients value your leadership more than your expertise
  • They want to learn from and with you, rather than be presented with canned solutions
  • Sometimes they want help with a comprehensive approach, and other times they just want to work together on a quick fix
  • They expect to remain in the driver’s seat, and not feel like they are being overwhelmed or held hostage

Our Growth Toolkit is designed to meet your client decision maker’s wants and includes the following:

  • A set of engaging, dynamic steps that carry you and the client together along the path to identify problems and define solutions
  • Roles, responsibilities, and processes designed to identify and meet client needs and leverage your firm’s opportunities
  • Review of your current sales processes and a ‘quick hit’ tune up to better reflect what decision-makers value

Building a client-centered culture

In every client-centered organization, it is not just the business development professionals that are responsible for selling. Like any good team, you can’t just have scorers. You also need playmakers and defenders. That’s what makes for a complete team. Yet, if every player on that team is not focused on moving the play forward and scoring, the results won’t be there at the end.

If your senior managers are not growing business relationships that can lead to greater revenues, are you getting the full value out of them?

Every senior manager needs to see themselves as responsible for somehow contributing to helping the top line. And that is not nearly as scary as it may sound to some. Our Growth Toolkit supports that by guiding you to:

  • Tailor activities that get at what clients want
  • Engage your sales professionals and senior leaders in a disciplined and collaborative process
  • Provide easy to adopt tools and processes, shared language and guides, and metrics and dashboards that were developed through years of working with top performers
  • Develop a group of internal leader-coaches within your organization to provide ongoing support, mentoring and coaching
  • Bring your whole organization together to demonstrate to your clients that, “We are all in this together, with you”

Growth Toolkit Outcomes

Outcomes for Professionals
  1. Increased confidence
  2. Clear path to access influencers and decision makers
  3. More welcoming interactions
  4. More engaged clients
  5. Seen as valued “inside” advisor
  6. Clients more committed to solutions

Growth Toolkit Outcomes

Outcomes for the Organization
  1. Deeper relationships with greater number of decision makers
  2. More opportunities identified
  3. Less competition on each opportunity
  4. Shorter sales cycles
  5. More profitable solutions

Working together with you

Our approach is practical, focused on early, yet sustainable impact.

It is designed to introduce rapid enhancements to your client relationship processes by stretching them and “spicing” them up with higher impact practices.

At the same time, our approach is constructed so that your organization can sustain the enhanced practices long after the change has been implemented. We expect, and commit to, your success.




  • Phase 1: Design and Buy-in – Through a series of interviews with key people in your organization and your client decision makers we define: metrics for success, ‘Quick Win’ improvements to your current practices, and a list of actions to build deeper client relationships
  • Phase 2: Roll-out – Through a series of workshops we prioritize the actions identified, develop an implementation plan, align the key decision makers in your organization, and begin to implement and track the ‘Quick Wins’
  • Phase 3: Implement and Reinforce – Together with you we manage the implementation and through bi-weekly reinforcement clinics we fine tune your practices and inject advanced content
  • Phase 4: Evaluate and Sustain – As your leader-coaches begin to take over more and more, together with them, we evaluate the results and ensure structures and culture are in place to sustain your changes

What clients say about our work

“The thing about you is that you believe you can make the world of business a better place. And you do.”

“Your tools are not my father’s tools”

“I realized over time that your system could be applied as a grand unified theory, help our professionals and help clients deal with us with less friction to them and focus us to solve their needs.”

“The Do Something Valuable system is more powerful and intuitive than the strategic sales program we spent MMs of $s and years implementing. I wish we had seen it before we bought a traditional enterprise sales training system.”


Stephen Walmsley a student of results and of supporting people to bring their best and harvest the results. A multi-specialist and integrator. A believer in commitment to accountability, process and results in a humane community based system of organizations.

Committed to design tools that allow easy adoption and discovery of their depth to increase adoption at higher and deeper levels.  Aim for top producers’ adoption and give journeypersons and rookies a step up.

Top Wall Street Leader: “They like working with you because it is powerful and intense… like drinking from a fire hose!”

Peter Hadas has over 20 years’ experience in leading change on large and change projects. He has helped companies implement enterprise-wide business transformations ranging in scope from global enterprises to high growth mid-size companies. He has worked in the public and private sectors and across industries. It is that breadth of experience that allows him to bring innovative and creative solutions to his coaching relationships.

Successful change implementation depends on strong change leadership. Peter’s ability to coach and develop an organization’s leaders has been instrumental to his success rate as a change leader on these projects. Our Growth Toolkit is designed to help senior leaders in your company develop deep client relationships that will lead to long term revenue generation.

Other Services

Hadas Partners also offers the following services:
  • Change Leadership Coaching – A transformational change requires the right strategic leadership capabilities to successfully lead this kind of change. Since developing these skills is imperative for a successful change, our Change Leadership Coaching program will equip you for that.
  • Change Team Coaching – we can coach and guide your project team and the individuals responsible for managing the change on your business transformation
  • Change Management and Leadership – we can lead the Change Implementation for you. We have experts in Change Management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Communication and Training who work closely with us. We can lead the entire project ourselves, or provide resources with key skills to supplement those you already have on your team.

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