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Whether you need to implement or upgrade technology, streamline your processes, or implement any other project that will noticeably impact people in your organization, we have the experience to help you.

We are experts in identifying and managing people related risks from the beginning to the end of your project.

A good change management program reduces resistance to your change initiative, increases the probability that your change will be fully sustained once the project is over, and reduces the amount of time you need to spend to deal with the more thorny people issues a change project usually brings about.

We can help you implement a good change management program as part of your project. We would love to explore how to bring more clarity and simplicity to your complex change initiative.

Give us a call, or review the project types below to get more details about how we can help.

Process Change Adoption

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  • Examples: business process optimization, process standardization, departmental process-driven integration.
  • Just because you build it (i.e., design the new processes), doesn’t mean they will come (i.e., employees and managers will adhere to them readily). Employees need to have clarity with both how their roles will change at a very micro level, and how they will fit at the overall macro level. Also, managers need to understand how they will be able to monitor performance and how they themselves will be measured going forward.
  • We specialize in translating process maps into real life roles and work situations that your employees will ‘get’ and will want to be a part of, and in developing and executing plans to help them get there. This can include activities ranging from small scale job design meetings through to large group full-scale process walk-throughs.
Organizational Realignment Implementation

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  • Examples: mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations, outsourcing.
  • Although organizational realignment is often driven by financial imperatives, the ROI for these initiatives is rarely realized. This is mostly due to understated costs of realigning organizational structures and cultures. If you are responsible for an organizational realignment initiative you are likely aware that, now that the ink is dry and financial victory has been declared, the hard work of aligning processes, people and cultures is about to begin.
  • We have expertise in building organizational support and momentum for organizational realignments, and implementing activities related to ROI realization such as retaining institutional knowledge, reducing the flight risk your most talented and marketable employees, and enhancing your new organization’s brand image in the minds of your clients and employees.
Corporate Strategy Adoption

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  • Examples: rollout of a new product and service offer, launch of a ‘customer first’ strategy, implementation of operational efficiency initiative.
  • Often after executives announce a new enterprise-wide vision, operational managers and employees are left to implement this vision at the individual level while still trying to meet operational day-to-day requirements. If you have been given the responsibility for supporting the implementation of a strategic vision in your area we can help.
  • We have worked successfully with our clients to implement projects ranging from department-level to enterprise-wide strategic initiatives by promoting cross-functional thinking and collaboration, aligning managers and employees on strategic and operational objectives, and reducing feelings of overwhelm or even burnout among staff.
Change Leadership Alignment & Coaching

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  • Examples: any significant change initiative.
  • When it comes to leading a change initiative, most leaders have the best intentions of doing the right thing with respect to their people, but may be relying on operational management precedents to deal with novel change leadership situations. These can result in unintended consequences. If you are in the beginnings of a major initiative at your company and believe you and your peers could benefit from enhanced change leadership coaching and a shared understanding of the change process, then we can help.
  • We have expertise in training and coaching management teams using real life change scenarios that highlight decision making based on emotional intelligence. We align leaders around a detailed, integrated implementation plan and provide management teams with a common framework and language to enhance communication and collaboration.
Technology Adoption

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  • Examples: ERP system implementations/upgrades, new technology implementation, system/application consolidations.
  • If you are concerned about your employees adopting and maximizing the new technology, we can help. It is common knowledge that when IT projects run into trouble today it is rarely because of the technology but because people cannot or will not use the new technology as intended.
  • We specialize in identifying potential people-related risks to your project, developing a plan to reduce these risks and encourage adoption, and executing activities, ranging from email announcements to training delivery and knowledge transfer, so that you can implement the new systems successfully and sustainably.

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