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Welcome to the Change Management website for Project Managers!

If you are a Project Manager (PM) leading a large change project, you need Change Management for your project to succeed. However, change management can sometimes feel confusing and therefore intimidating.

It shouldn’t be. Did you ever want change management to be something easy to understand with clear action steps you can apply to your project? Do you want to be able to use it without having to become an expert? Are you a PM who really just wants to improve the likelihood of your project’s success and avoid unnecessary angst in your organisation? Then this website has been designed for you. Curious?

You will find many materials here that are brief, practical and immediately usable. Some of the longer articles may tackle deeper topics to challenge your thinking and assumptions. Overall, the objective is to give you the edge in leading and influencing people so that your initiative and your career move forward.

“Change Management: The art and science of influencing people in your organisation to do what’s needed to make your project succeed”
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Finally, whatever you choose to do we wish you well in your initiative, and wish you personal success in your leadership journey.

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