What Makes Us Different

The two questions that we get most often are, “How are you different from other consultants?” and “What is the value of having you on our project?”

We have asked our clients this very same question over the years, and here are their most common responses on how we differ from our competition.


Practical – We pride ourselves on providing practical, visible organizational change management support.  That means that we spend less time on theory and much more time on making sure change activities are linked to your project’s success, are measurable, and tasks can be tracked and reported on.

Business Focused – We understand that your project is meant to improve your business outcomes, whether it’s an IT implementation, process optimization or other kind of initiative. Since we run a business ourselves we understand that organizational change management activities need to be linked to your business objectives. Every change activity must have a purpose, and no task is worth doing just for its own sake.

Easy to Work With – We have a very collaborative approach and have received many accolades from our clients on how well we partner closely with them and their teams. We may be the experts on change management. But you are the experts on what will works in your company, and you have the credibility to make things happen inside your organization.

Candid – We tell you what you need to hear, which at times may not be what you want to hear. We believe it is very important on high-risk and high-visibility projects that you are making decisions based on truth and facts. Essentially we say what your direct reports your direct reports are understandably reluctant to tell you.


And here is how being different provides value to our clients:

Relevant, Focused Recommendations. Rather than wasting time wondering which of multiple risky options are best, you can quickly select from a shortlist of change management recommendations that we have seen work well in other companies or even industries.

Clearer Decision Making. Spending 20 years in change management is like spending 20 years on turbulent seas: we learned to be calm in the midst of chaos. This calm comes from learning what to expect and how to respond. Our expertise can help you distinguish between real danger signs and noise, and can guide you on which direction to take. As a result you will be more confident in your decisions and will be able to sleep more peacefully at night.

Complex Transformations…Simplified. Large initiatives are complex because of people: people are inherently unpredictable. We can save you time and frustration by identifying potential resistance and developing change management and communication activities to grow support for your project.

Practical, Tangible Results. Our reputation is built on this, and there is very little we cannot do when it comes to organizational change management:

•   change management planning, execution, reporting and coaching
•   stakeholder assessments, readiness assessments, employee surveys
•   communications planning, messaging and delivery
•   training development, delivery and tracking
•   small and large group workshop facilitation
•   role clarification and job/org design

Contact us to get…
  • …an expert in your corner who will save you time, and will furthermore help you simplify the decisions you will need to make
  • …a team member who can roll up their sleeves and also work in partnership with everyone in your organisation, from front line employees to executives
  • …a partner who will work closely with you to deliver visible business results

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