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Knowledge Transfer: Mr. Spock’s Secret

The project is nearing the end. The rush is on to complete the final activities before the launch date. Somewhere among those critical, last minute, must-do tasks there is this item, “Knowledge Transfer” on your Gantt chart. You sigh. It’s important because it’s necessary for your client organization, but time is running out. So you […]


Leading Communications, Leading Change: Do’s and Don’ts

A lot has been written on how important communications is, and how to coordinate and manage communications. But what if you are a Project Manager or leader in an organization undergoing change? What’s your role in leading communications? What should you be doing, and what should you be delegating to others? In my years leading […]


Communication on Projects: A Millennial’s View

For a young millennial employee, communication is key to not just understanding what to do, but feeling motivated to do it. A successful company filled with happy employees and a good culture communicates well. On the other hand, bad communication from managers to employees can create a heap of problems with millennials. Examples are lower […]


Secrets to a Great Communication Plan

How management and staff communicate with one another plays a crucial role in employee morale, office atmosphere, and resulting quality of work done.  Good communication among all levels within an organization leads to increased productivity, trust, confidence, and strong working relationships. For that reason, paying attention to communications as part of a project is very […]


10 Ways to Become Resilient to Change

As a business transformation consultant my advice is to organizations as a whole on how to implement, and become resilient to, change. And having done this for many years, as a by-product I observed that some people deal with change much better than others. Of course this should not be a surprise to anyone, but […]


Project’s over – where’s the party?

It’s the end of the project and you should celebrate with a little party. Maybe it didn’t go super well, but still, not for a lack of effort. At least you should raise a glass to that, no? But instead, things just seem to dissipate. People drift off to other roles. You have now more […]


“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”

“Why can’t you understand me? We communicate in the same language, after all!” How many times have we all been in this frustrating situation? I am sure you can think of a time, perhaps even recently, where you felt this exact way. It seems like you have said the same thing, repeatedly, in multiple different […]


Good Change Program? 4 Ways to Tell

Once your project is complete, whether it was successful or not so much, how much can you thank (or blame) your change program? Every once in a while all of us come across blogs or articles that list why projects fail. At the top of the list every time is some lack of OCM, organizational […]


Build a Winning Project Team with Champions

Many projects need nothing more than a project team and a steering committee made up of local sponsors when it comes to the governance structure. But if you need to implement in more than one location, it helps to have someone there to champion that change for you. And if you have to roll out […]


Can you measure change management? Yes! It’s 2.6m

When you think about it, some change management activities seem very abstract. For example, “create an environment for change” Or, “manage change resistance”. These seem very important, and what change management is supposed to do. But, don’t they just seem so nebulous and vague? These seem on par with “eliminate global hunger”, or “attain world […]


Welcome to our interactive section. This section is for you if you are a project manager leading a smaller project where you may want to “do change management yourself”. Alternatively, you may already know something about change management and consequently may only need a few tips and tools. Whatever your situation, this section is for you if you want to manage these activities yourself instead of having to rely on external resources.

Our objective is to de-mystify change management and give you access to materials that we ourselves would use. Ultimately we hope this space will become your virtual ‘sandbox’ to experiment in.

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