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Vision: The Look and Feel of Success

“You have to start with a vision, blah, blah, blah…” No kidding. And how often have we heard that? As you’ll likely agree, it’s not having a vision, but it’s being able to articulate the vision, that makes a difference. Furthermore, being able to articulate it in a way so that people can see it […]


PowerPoint Presentation-Lessons from a Composer

My friend Lisa was telling me the other day about how she had to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, on her marketing strategy, to a group of sales executives. Her concern was how to keep them engaged, paying attention. The slides would contain some analytical data that could come across as a bit dry to this […]


Overcoming Adversity: How Companies Win/Podcast Blog #4

Overcoming adversity was not something General Electric, Walt Disney, Netflix and Airbnb had to do when they were starting up: True or false? As I wrote in my previous blog, when we think of well known, global market leaders such as these, we tend to assume they started up during ideal economic times. Somehow there […]


“What do I focus on, when leading a change?”/Podcast Blog #3

This was a question a prospective client asked me recently, someone who was just put in charge of leading a change at their company.     “What would you advise me to make sure I don’t overlook, things I just have to get right?” Three things popped into my mind immediately, and I shared these […]


The 4…no wait, 3 Types of Change Leader

With the need to adjust and grow your business during a pandemic, as a manager in your organization, you’ll need to become a Change Leader, and work with others trying to do the same. Some will be naturals at this. Their initiative will succeed. They will become highly respected, even admired, in their organization. Their […]


Leadership: The First Thing You Have to Get Right/Podcast Blog #2

Hi there, and welcome to our second podcast blog! I have a great leadership story for you today, straight “from the trenches”! The previous podcast was all about setting direction to thrive in the face of this pandemic. And you heard me say that implementing this new direction, would likely be the biggest change project […]


Enough Pandemic Gloom – Time for Positivity and Control/Podcast Blog #1

Welcome to our first podcast blog! This podcast blog is about countering this pandemic with some positivity and control: why it’s appropriate to be more optimistic right now; how you and your organization can take charge of your current business environment; and, five steps you can take right now to build positive momentum in the […]


Need OCM? Not in these 4 Situations

Since many of my PM colleagues know I am in organizational change management (OCM), they will call me now and then to ask whether I could help. Or, they will call me to see what kind of change management resource they should get for their project. Often their instincts are right and their situation does need […]


So, You Wanna Be a Change Management Consultant?

My son’s friends were over the other night watching a sports event. They are all partway through university and beginning to think seriously about their careers. One of them asked me what I did for a living. Being a change management consultant, I knew better than to say that. Unless people have experience working with […]


Change Management: DIY or Hire?

As a project manager you often need organizational change management on your project. But should you try and do it yourself, with your current project resources, or should you hire an external consultant? As an external change management consultant myself, who gets hired onto projects, here is my perspective of when it makes sense to […]


Welcome to our interactive section. This section is for you if you are a project manager leading a smaller project where you may want to “do change management yourself”. Alternatively, you may already know something about change management and consequently may only need a few tips and tools. Whatever your situation, this section is for you if you want to manage these activities yourself instead of having to rely on external resources.

Our objective is to de-mystify change management and give you access to materials that we ourselves would use. Ultimately we hope this space will become your virtual ‘sandbox’ to experiment in.

These materials are based on years of corporate consulting practice. Because we will be building and adding new materials here on an ongoing basis you may want to sign up to our blog posts where we will notify you of any updates.

As always, we welcome your suggestions on what you would like to see here. Feel free to contact us anytime with your comments or suggestions.

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