Micro-consulting Services

You are leading a project and realize that not everyone will be enthusiastic. You will likely encounter some roadblocks. Some people may resist adopting the changes your project is supposed to deliver. You realize you’ll need some organizational change management (OCM) expertise, and sooner rather than later.

What’s the best solution? Easy! Hire an experienced OCM consultant.

But that may not be right solution for you. What if your project is not a large and complex transformation with a big budget? How will you justify the costs of a full time expert? And how much work and time will it take to create the request, get it approved, and recruit the right individual?

That could be a lot of work if you’re not sure how much support you need, or if you just need some quick support from time to time.

Well, now you have a better option. You can get as much or little OCM support you want without all of the effort and risks common to hiring an on-site consultant. You can simply book a meeting with one of our OCM experts and pay only for the time that you spend talking with us.

There are no commitments. There are no contracts to negotiate and sign. Simply arrange a meeting and then ask your questions. Get all of the advice and support you need, and pay ONLY the advice and support you received.

You only pay for the time that you spend with us.

So go ahead and request a call with us now.

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